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On Insults As A Debate/Discussion Tactic
Wed Nov 30, 2016 6:57am (XFF:

Mondo, I thought about this last night and this morning. While it is extremely easy to point out the way you substitute insults for substantive argument, over and over again, it becomes boring and a waste of my time. Also, there's an element here of kicking someone when they are down. You slip into a rage cycle where you just can't help yourself. You feel that the only way forward is to somehow win with the insults. I think you really want me to give as good as I am getting, because that will validate your use of the tactic. But it isn't going to happen.

Understanding that, I am going to adopt a new personal rule (indefinitely, at this point, maybe permanently). If you engage in insults, I'm going to ignore any attendant "argument" you might be making and just consider the point conceded. If you notice that I don't respond to a "point" you make in a discussion or debate with me, double check it to see if you loaded it up with insult. Or if the entire point was insult. I've given you a lot of slack, and I've benefited greatly from the comparison we make, you and I, next to each other. But there comes a point where I just get bored, and where the lack of substance BECOMES the only real issue in the discussion.

Having recently stretched my legs with some really good discussion, it only stands in starker contrast to the other.

So, I just wanted to let you know. Continued use of such tactics will be an even bigger waste of your time going forward, but not mine.

Have a great day, Mondo. And I hope we can have real, substantive discussions in the future.


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