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PROOFS of Life after death
Wed Nov 30, 2016 10:14pm

There are 5:Near/Fear/Shared Death Experiences, Death Bed Visions, After Death Communications. I will give a FEW examples but there are thousands in print, maybe a million or more. DBV were originally believed to be in the brain but when FDE exhibited Out of Body Experiences that put that explanation to rest. There is no "dying brain" in FDE AND, there is Life Review in FDE like there is in NDE.

We don't know how many FDE there are but "My whole life flashed before my eyes." has become a cliché and that is the Life Review we have in NDE but not in SDE. SDE is often in war when one soldier holds another who dies and both go up toward Heaven together. This too puts the lie to NDE being in the brain. Unfortunately it is hard to verify FDE/SDE but NDE CAN BE VERIFIED SEVERAL WAYS. The patient tells the doctors what he saw from the ceiling or other vantage point or tells him other information he gained: who his father really was, his father died and he had no natural way of knowing that, etc. Life Review gives a lot of information that was forgotten or never known. In LR, we feel what others feel even though we didn't know they were there.

DBV ARE THE EASIEST TO VERIFY because about 10% of dying patients are conscious when dying and maybe half of them see angels or friendly souls coming to take them to Heaven. Rarely do they die instantly, it may be an hour of a week before they die so it is hard to explain the DBV. hallucination is the best "guess" but there is no cause for hallucination and they are lucid when they have the DBV. rarely, OTHER PEOPLE, especially child sees the vision but most times someone is there if the patient is awake and lucid.

ADC are about as common as DBV but harder to verify. When police go to notify families of a death in the family, sometimes they are told, we know. I have had many and they are nothing like hallucinations. They feel normal. I am including some of mine. If you have a comment, please keep it simple. It has been 40 years since I left the university. Here are a FEW EXAMPLES, JUST A FEW.

fear death experience, we don’t have many online

death bed visions

after death communication

I was told to work with handicapped children and move to Honduras, no voices.

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