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I recently tried a Hulu free trial.
Thu Jan 5, 2017 8:42am

Their service is okay. They have a good variety of things I used to like. I don't care about movies and TV like I used to. Even the things I used to like seem boring now. I watched a 60 year old episode of "I Love Lucy" that was still funny. The rest was too boring. I cancelled their service.

  • Is he still around?Contrarian, Thu Jan 5 8:07am
    I threw out my television and all 250 boring channels, and the brainwashing commercials, about 25 years ago. There was an immediate improvement in my 'happiness index.' Jerry Springer shovels out... more
    • I recently tried a Hulu free trial. — Ken C, Thu Jan 5 8:42am
      • Agreed. And how many way can the universal themeContrarian, Thu Jan 5 10:35am
        be comprised as entertainment? Of course young people, it's all new to them. But, at this stage of my life I say "been there, done that." Jaded. The classics always entertain over and over. The rest... more
      • We have NetflixEnnui, Thu Jan 5 8:47am
        I use it to watch some of the movies and shows I wanted to see but missed. Sometimes I watch some of the old shows that I watched when I was a teen. I find some of the shows amusing when I look back... more
        • Without a 250 channel view of very little,Contrarian , Fri Jan 6 6:23am
          Netflix is my visual salvation. And so efficient, too. A few of my returns never got back to them. A Postal problem is my best guess. Netflix said no problem, did not make a fuss or ask for... more
    • Re: Is he still around?Ennui, Thu Jan 5 8:40am
      "I threw out my television and all 250 boring channels" Ha! One of my relatives, sitting on the couch, surfing through a plethora of channels: "There's nothing on". So true!
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