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Agreed. And how many way can the universal theme
Thu Jan 5, 2017 10:35am

be comprised as entertainment? Of course young people, it's all new to them. But, at this stage of my life I say "been there, done that." Jaded. The classics always entertain over and over. The rest is so much hooey. Jerry Spring and his kind of entertainment is "classic" garbage.

  • I recently tried a Hulu free trial.Ken C, Thu Jan 5 8:42am
    Their service is okay. They have a good variety of things I used to like. I don't care about movies and TV like I used to. Even the things I used to like seem boring now. I watched a 60 year old... more
    • Agreed. And how many way can the universal theme — Contrarian, Thu Jan 5 10:35am
    • We have NetflixEnnui, Thu Jan 5 8:47am
      I use it to watch some of the movies and shows I wanted to see but missed. Sometimes I watch some of the old shows that I watched when I was a teen. I find some of the shows amusing when I look back... more
      • Without a 250 channel view of very little,Contrarian , Fri Jan 6 6:23am
        Netflix is my visual salvation. And so efficient, too. A few of my returns never got back to them. A Postal problem is my best guess. Netflix said no problem, did not make a fuss or ask for... more
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