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OT: for Poppet & footy enthusiasts.
Thu Jan 5, 2017 4:53pm

I told you how our local club "Grand Rapids Football Club" had a great season last year winning our league and winning a playoff and taking the final to penalties (but losing there). Well, 2017 is set up to be an even more exciting year because a few weeks back we learned that with our success we are now also forming a Womens team and admission there is included in our memberships! They are already attracting some interesting talent and have ( I think ) 3 signings. It's great to see football growing so rapidly here in West Michigan.

btw, you still City, or did you ditch them with Pep? I think there's a realistic chance they'll drop to 5th or 6th this year. So much quality competition from Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs, and Arsenal.
I'm hoping my Everton boys can do some great stuff in the January window and somehow sneak their way into 6th. (tall order, I know)

    • Fantastic news!Poppet, Thu Jan 5 7:26pm
      Hope your women's team has a fantastic season. It's so cool that you're getting their games included. Keep me posted on how they do. Expecting great things from my Thorns. They're quite possibly... more
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