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Steer Clear Of Andyroid
Fri Jan 6, 2017 7:13am (XFF:

I needed an Android simulator last week, and Andyroid had a few recommendations, so I decided to give it a try.

It has deceptive install screens that attempt to get you to agree to install other software. I'm used to those kinds of tactics, so I was looking for it and didn't get suckered in. The worst offender was a screen made to look like an EULA for Andyroid that was, in fact, asking for permission to install the Chromium web browser.

Chromium is, itself, not malware. However, after I specifically declined the prompt and finished the installation of Andyroid, I noticed that Chromium had been installed anyway. Angry, I attempted to uninstall both Chromium and Andyroid, and neither uninstall completely removed either. I had to clean the registry directly and remove a few leftover file folders.

I sent an email to Andyroid, and I asked them how they thought I should share this experience with other people. Their response? A marketing email telling me that they've just released a new version of Andyroid.



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