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Beat me to it.
Fri Jan 6, 2017 8:43am

I've heard of the guy, but never actually seen him. If he was a springer spaniel, I might be more interested...

You mentioned Failbook, er...Facebook below. I have an account and do use it, but it's a remarkably frustrating entity. Frustrating in that it could be something wonderful in terms of connectivity and community. Instead it's mostly people taking pictures of their dinner, engaging in political arguments as virulent as they are uninformed, "sweating the small stuff," and posting cat pictures. Okay, I like the latter, but still...

  • I don't. (nm)Mondo Fuego™ , Thu Jan 5 11:11am
    • Beat me to it. — Poppet, Fri Jan 6 8:43am
      • Can you believe that ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Jan 6 11:21am
        ... scumbag Jerry Springer was once Mayor of Cincinnati. He also ran for Congress and for Governor of Ohio and pulled a significant following in each race without winning. Contrary to his... more
        • I had no idea!Poppet, Sun Jan 8 5:07am
          I knew nothing about the guy, and I haven't followed Ohio politics (save for the inevitable coverage the state gets in presidential elections because it's always in play as a swing state with a good... more
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