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Jesus' internal organs aside, I do that continually.
Fri Jan 6, 2017 8:58am

Oh, not in areas for which conclusive truth is available, but those are mostly analytic matters that can be proven true via tautological consistency. For most everything else, reality demands that one allow for the possibility of a need to revise one's beliefs on the basis of new information. Trust me when I tell you this, and rest assured that I make every possible effort not to let my preferences influence my take on a matter. I very much doubt I perfectly succeed at this effort at objectivity; I'm merely human. But I always do my best, and I tend to take suggestions that I don't as very, very dire insults.

As for belief in God and miracles, I have never seen any reason to think that belief in matters of that sort is volitional. That is, such beliefs can't simply be aimed in one direction or another by conscious decision. Because absolute, 100% proof on matters of this sort isn't available (I realize we argue over this, but I know this to be the case via incontrovertible logic, which I've demonstrated many times), there will always be a need for a leap of faith. That leap isn't taken by the conscious, rational's only recognized by the conscious mind, then acted upon. Some people choose to call that unconscious leap of faith a "divine spark," the actions of the Holy Spirit, etc. Others (like me) consider it to be purely a brain function. Either way, it's not something we consciously direct.

I'm going to ignore that false, baiting concluding sentence, other than to say please stop making claims like that. No one believes them, and they only deflect discussion onto well-trodden paths that never go anywhere useful.

  • are wrong." Truth comes from the clash of conflicting opinions. I love discussion because it makes me think of things I would not think of otherwise. I learn a lot from you all because of that. I... more
    • Jesus' internal organs aside, I do that continually. — Poppet, Fri Jan 6 8:58am
      • favorite subjects.
      • Good post!!Ennui, Sat Jan 7 8:35am
        "For most everything else, reality demands that one allow for the possibility of a need to revise one's beliefs on the basis of new information." I, for one, have already changed my position. In my... more
        • Thank you!Poppet, Sat Jan 7 4:01pm
          This sort of thing is what I do , basically. Okay, these days it's mostly philosophy of science, not straight-up logic or technical philosophy (or the subject area of my dissertation, which is... more
          • I tend toEnnui, Sat Jan 7 8:21pm
            guard my privacy too, so I understand. But if you ever find a way to link to your monograph, I would be very interested in reading it.
        • Hope springs eternalContrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:53am
          Please hold that thought. You just might morph towards the reality that "logic" is not necessarily the foundation of reason.
          • Sometimes IEnnui, Sat Jan 7 8:25pm
            look up at the mystery of the night sky, and wonder. It can be quite captivating. But logic is a valuable tool. :)
            • The nigh skyContrarian , Sun Jan 8 11:48am
              A few years ago I could actually observe a pristine night sky. Not anymore. But I won't belabor the truth in this reply.
          • Hope IS ETERNAL. (nm)jb, Sat Jan 7 2:23pm
            • Life is eternalContrarian, Sat Jan 7 5:01pm
              Hope is a human emotion. The spirit that creates life is eternal.
      • dy else on the bb does, but I have pretty much given up convincing anyone to investigate the reality there. I believe in miracles because they have run my life but you can't understand how incapable... more
        • We all have some physical deficit.Contrarian , Sat Jan 7 11:55am
          Big or small. So quit with the sympathy card. It's obvious you have something out of whack. No one needs the phony details. Thank you.
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