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Mondo Fuego™
Gross Hypocrisy?
Fri Jan 6, 2017 9:30am

During Bozo's reign, China hacked federal computers and got dociers on 20 million US government officials and nobody said a damn thing. No Congressional witch hunts. No bald-headed NSA and CIA security hacks testifying. No FBI investigation. Nothing. Nada. Nil. Zilch.

4 months after the fact, and 2 months after the pitiful showing of old double-run-double-rejected Hil, liberals suspect Russians hacked DNC eMails (the DNC is not a federal agency subject to national cyber security ... it is a friggin' political party ... like the Green Party and Libertarian Party, only less effective), and the sniveling and whining is legion, with the politically-motivated CIA, DoJ, FBI, NSA, BoZo, DNC, Gigolo Ketchup Kerry and Hollywood peeing in their pants, but they admit that not one damn vote was affected, and they really have no concrete evidence that Russia did anything ... it's all rumor and speculation.

Why do we have to have congressional hearings and other wild, expensive inquisitions because some dumb-ass political hack named John Podesta, like Ol' Crooked Hil, is too stupid to secure his eMail server? WikiLeaks Meister Assange said even a 14 YO kid could have hacked DNC computers.

Our national security agencies, DoJ and FBI have become so politicized under BoZo (remember the illegal IRS torture of Conservative 527s sponsored by BoZo and carried out by Lois Lerner?) that they can't even serve their primary functions.

Meanwhile, you can bet that BoZo's admin is hacking the crap out of Russian and Chinese computers and hoping a 14 YO kid in Bangladesh doesn't out them via WikiLeaks too.

Hypocrisy everywhere you look.

That's my rant for the week.

Happy New Year.

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