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The pics are right there in the latest
Fri Jan 6, 2017 1:02pm

article at If you can spare the time and have an inclination to know better than the current hogwash of yours, take a peek and come back and tell me tis the season. Our planet is being smothered by criminal minds in pursuit of a artificial godhead. As for the atmosphere being cleaner, do you live in a bubble with no windows with a view? I live in a mountain top. Have been here more than 25 years. My observation is held by others in this region of California, remote and near no polluting source of any import, that the atmosphere down to the very horizon is a virtual whiteout. The haze is blocking views we thought would be forever. It's a lucky day if one can see a clear 20 miles. Maybe you believe the EPA, or some local or state air quality control board? Don't. They lie. And EPA knows better. What do the measure, second hand smoke? Let them measure and publicize increased free-aluminum and other metal. They won't. I trust my aging eyes. I know what is going on. We are being aerosoled via jet aircraft to facilitate an in situ cover story about climate change, the irony being this operation is facilitating devastating weather whiplash. Is there carbon induced global warming? Yes! But it's a part of the cause and not the whole. I was reading "proposed" Geoengineering concept. It's the one where these criminals pretend no spraying is going on, as if they invented 'back to the future.' Two things stuck out: 1. That once such a program is initiated in the atmosphere it cannot be terminated without dire environmental consequences. 2. That to those interested in participating in the physical aspects of materials and vectors, it's a great business opportunity. How sick is this! Human civilization and all the meddling into the environment has turned the planet into a caricature of what once was. Everything man touches turns to shite. Now the SOBs want the earth's atmosphere. Do these fools think they are God?

  • Your photos (which you did not post) are not relevant since they do not consider differences in season, current weather, etc, etc. Give your paranoia a rest for a while. DFM
    • The pics are posted.Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 9:55pm
      The air is not cleaner. It's filthy.
      • Pictures were NOT posted by you.DFM, Sun Jan 8 10:12am
        Without pictures and links, your claims are meaningless. [Note: I am not attempting to convince "Contrarian". I am showing quite clearly that his claims are utterly false .] Source:... more
    • The pics are right there in the latest — Contrarian, Fri Jan 6 1:02pm
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