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One ugly woman!
Fri Jan 6, 2017 8:05pm

Given the history of this murderer, it belongs in a mental institution for life without parole. I am not opposed to someone trapped in the wrong mind or body to cross over. And be happy in life. Nature has to take the blame. Natural mistakes occur in the womb during development. Of course, it would be helpful if bleeding leaching plastic compounds from water bottles, food containers and wrappers, and medical devices, etc. could be banned, or hardened. Studies show the compounds interfere with sexual selection and genitalia in the early stage of fetal development. Given our ubiquitous plastic civilization, small wonder gender madness is on the increase. I did chuckle perversely about the court ruling that the prison must provide dresses, scarves and necklaces. Next thing you know we taxpayers will be stuck (pun intended) with yet another bond measure.....for dildos.

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