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Canada Has An Admirable Leader...
Fri Jan 6, 2017 9:15pm

Score one for Canada.


  • Not your problem, is it?Mondo Fuego™, Fri Jan 6 5:37pm
    Does Canada have any issues? Or, do we in the USA take care of that for you?
    • to keep Canada's economy afloat that it won't be able to balance the books for half a century even if they tried, and the Liberals never do. Even if a different gov't replaced them, and they tried,... more
      • Some more problems in CanadaNews Junkie, Sat Jan 7 10:36am
        Province of... British Columbia: Communist Chinese are buying BC real estate and pricing Canadians out of the market. Over 51% of people who live in Burnaby are immigrants, and over a third are... more
        • Canada gone stupid. A damned shame. (nm)Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 12:02pm
          • More problems in Canada with each passing dayNews Junkie, Tue Jan 10 12:58pm
            Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau , just appointed a muslim immigrant from Somalia as the country's immigration minister, and then sent the former immigration minister to Beijing to help... more
            • LiberalsNews Junkie, Tue Jan 10 1:21pm
              gonna facilitate every organized crime ring on the planet. - muslim extremists - asian gangs - drug cartels Maybe they're all paying him. I read something in the news recently about "Cash-for-Access" ... more
              • on the island he owns in Nassau, The Bahamas. Trudeau is being questioned by the Federal Ethics Commissioner because this religious leader's organization, the Aga Khan Foundation , receives tens of... more
          • Yep. (nm)News Junkie, Sat Jan 7 12:29pm
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