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To what end?
Fri Jan 6, 2017 9:31pm

If someone is deliberately poisoning the atmosphere they are poisoning the very same atmosphere that they and their children (if they have any) breath in and depend upon for life and health as well. They are not immune anymore than we are.

Why would they do such a thing???

  • The "eye-cloud"Contrarian, Fri Jan 6 9:44am
    Please, indulge me for my lack of Sprout-purity requirements in my effort to post concerns about the ethics of Babylon's reigning religion, the Internet and the worshipped devices to "whom" we all... more
    • To what end? — Ennui, Fri Jan 6 9:31pm
      • The 'death force' by its very nature is suicidalContrarian , Sat Jan 7 10:48am
        Where is the logic over the years whereby 2,000 nuclear device were detonated into the atmosphere? And, very much under-acknowledged is the psychopathic detonation of a nuclear device above the... more
        • determined by idiots, you have made your case. But there is no "conspiracy" here, just gross stupidity. DFM
        • The examples you siteEnnui, Sat Jan 7 10:56am
          (weapons) are about power. Destroy the atmosphere? Destroy the natural weather patterns? That will not gain one power. It will bring about death. What possible benefit could there be to those in... more
          • And they all breathe radiationContrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:03am
            Why build a doomsday nuke machine? I think the ruling but adds are not about to give up their carbon profit centers. One layer of the proverbial onion is these goofs think by spraying certain... more
    • geoengineering plot?? Granted, pollution is a terrible thing and something needs to be done about it, absolutely... But going to the extremes of making unsupported accusations that just make you... more
      • Unsupported accusations?Contrarian, Fri Jan 6 8:25pm
        Sometimes I feel like slitting my wrists. Every utterance of mine regarding the current ongoing geoengineering operarion is backed up by the government's own admissions, their terminology, their... more
        • you? In spite of your obviously sincere and powerful belief, it has been debunked thoroughly many times... No offense intended, but I believe that your claims on this are completely wrong... AND... more
          • Go find the two imagesContrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:05am
            I gave you a road map. You post them and I will be appreciative. I use an iPhone and have yet to master links.
          • Really? Debunked? Not at all!Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 10:55am
            Just because DFM says it is not so is hardly the last word on the issue. He proves nothing. All the government documents, the mountain of science papers, patents, and the visual spraying of the... more
          • My guess is that the picturesEnnui, Fri Jan 6 9:27pm
            in this article are what he is referring to:
            • Yesssss...... (nm)Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:18am
            • directly rather than "force" us to have to go to that silly website... The photos don't prove a damned thing because there is no way of knowing if they are photo-shopped, fake, examples of poor color ... more
              • Why don't we just not believe any images?Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:29am
                Let us say all images in our virtual world are fake? What's that you say. ...extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof? That "silly" website is hardly what you say. It's a major information... more
                • Maybe you should check this out??Sia☺giah, Sat Jan 7 4:51pm
                  • Mega Bunk is just that..... BUNKContrarian , Sat Jan 7 9:43pm
                    I have been into that site a number of times. It's another disinfo website. I bet you spend more time looking for the debunkers first and then ignore the claim site. I do the opposite, looking at the ... more
              • That is pretty much itEnnui, Fri Jan 6 9:50pm
                "but it doesn't make an ounce of sense that ANY government would deliberately destroy the very earth they & their families have to live on" Earth is our only home. Destroy it and *no one* has... more
                • No stress at all.Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:36am
                  I was told my blood pressure is that of a teenager. This is because my IQ is less than 50. And of low peasant stock. LOLs. Surely you have some sense of just how bad off is the planet's biosphere?... more
                • Absolutely... Sia☺giah, Fri Jan 6 10:51pm
                  He mentioned occasionally wanting to slit his wrists... (drama, certainly, but it came from at least a nugget of truth)
    • Your photos (which you did not post) are not relevant since they do not consider differences in season, current weather, etc, etc. Give your paranoia a rest for a while. DFM
      • The pics are posted.Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 9:55pm
        The air is not cleaner. It's filthy.
        • Pictures were NOT posted by you.DFM, Sun Jan 8 10:12am
          Without pictures and links, your claims are meaningless. [Note: I am not attempting to convince "Contrarian". I am showing quite clearly that his claims are utterly false .] Source:... more
      • I agree in thatEnnui, Fri Jan 6 9:38pm
        there is no way to know under what conditions these two pictures were taken (located within the body of the article):... more
      • The pics are right there in the latestContrarian, Fri Jan 6 1:02pm
        article at If you can spare the time and have an inclination to know better than the current hogwash of yours, take a peek and come back and tell me tis the season. Our... more
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