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That is pretty much it
Fri Jan 6, 2017 9:50pm

"but it doesn't make an ounce of sense that ANY government would deliberately destroy the very earth they & their families have to live on"

Earth is our only home. Destroy it and *no one* has anywhere else to go.

I think government conspiracies amount to schemes that keep them in power, channel money in their direction, and keep the general population as ignorant of their schemes as possible. For the most part, I believe that most of them don't care about much of anything else - accept what *may* make them look good. There might be a few well meaning souls here and there, but I think politics is such a dirty game that in order to rise in the ranks you have to be willing to play the game. And so it goes for any power position.

I don't doubt that Contrarian sincerely believes what he posts. I personally think its a shame because such beliefs (which I think are unfounded) can cause undo stress.

  • directly rather than "force" us to have to go to that silly website... The photos don't prove a damned thing because there is no way of knowing if they are photo-shopped, fake, examples of poor color ... more
    • Why don't we just not believe any images?Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:29am
      Let us say all images in our virtual world are fake? What's that you say. ...extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof? That "silly" website is hardly what you say. It's a major information... more
      • Maybe you should check this out??Sia☺giah, Sat Jan 7 4:51pm
        • Mega Bunk is just that..... BUNKContrarian , Sat Jan 7 9:43pm
          I have been into that site a number of times. It's another disinfo website. I bet you spend more time looking for the debunkers first and then ignore the claim site. I do the opposite, looking at the ... more
    • That is pretty much it — Ennui, Fri Jan 6 9:50pm
      • No stress at all.Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:36am
        I was told my blood pressure is that of a teenager. This is because my IQ is less than 50. And of low peasant stock. LOLs. Surely you have some sense of just how bad off is the planet's biosphere?... more
      • Absolutely... Sia☺giah, Fri Jan 6 10:51pm
        He mentioned occasionally wanting to slit his wrists... (drama, certainly, but it came from at least a nugget of truth)
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