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Current Liberal gov't in canada is spending so much money
Sat Jan 7, 2017 12:20am

to keep Canada's economy afloat that it won't be able to balance the books for half a century even if they tried, and the Liberals never do. Even if a different gov't replaced them, and they tried, they probably still couldn't do it! The hole the Liberals dug is too deep. The province of Alberta currently has an unemployment rate somewhere above the ionosphere because oil forms the basis of their economy, and no commodity is more volatile than oil, except maybe Bitcoin. And Alberta voted in the provincial NDP party, an even more socialist gov't. They're f@#k'd.

Only 68.3% of voters actually voted in the 2015 election, and the Liberal Party of Canada was elected by 39.47% of them, according to the Wiki entry. In other words the federal government of Canada was determined by 27% of eligible voters (Trump got 46%). They won a majority 184 seats, or 54%, of the 338-seat parliament and therefore can force any agenda on Canadians they want, for example carbon taxes. Which they are.

The Liberals replaced the previous Conservative gov't which was actually succeeding in balancing the books and left the Liberals in a spectacularly strong economic position. But Canadians voted the Conservatives out, possibly because they weren't much good at anything else, except maybe after 9-11 and fifteen years of war allowing the immigration of around a million muslims under the guise of "cheap labor" for their greedy corporate buddies. The Liberals plan to outdo them in that respect too, even though muslims now outnumber all other religious groups in Canada except Catholics. So they're no different, they'll just do it under the guise of "refugees" instead of "cheap labor", and who of course will pump out anchor babies within minutes of landfall and never return to their home countries. They will also probably lobby the gov't & fund islamic conflicts abroad, establish islamic enclaves, and almost assuredly carry out the occasional terrorist attack in Canada.

I liked Trump because he said he'd ban muslims. I hope he follows through. I hope Canada and Europe and all the other western countries wise up too. I hope the vile hatred being fire-hose spewed at Trump by the left and the media is an indication that he is different. But personally, I don't think it matters much who gets elected: Politicians have a reputation and it ain't good.

That's why every so often I propose direct democracy as a way of getting the public to set government policy before politicians are elected. So politicians can't. And so I can vote directly on every issue that matters to me.

  • Not your problem, is it?Mondo Fuego™, Fri Jan 6 5:37pm
    Does Canada have any issues? Or, do we in the USA take care of that for you?
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