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News Junkie
Re-runs of a lot of shows are still on
Sat Jan 7, 2017 9:23am

Netflix is broadcasting old stuff recently:

- The Original Star Trek series, 1960s
- The Day the Earth Stood Still, 1951

But they still aren't making new stuff available. There are tons of new movies that I haven't seen. If it doesn't have big screen special effects I won't pay the $12 ticket price to go to the theater. But I wouldn't mind paying the $10 a month to watch them on my little tv. Netflix's selection sucks.

  • Original release date 1991,Ken C, Sat Jan 7 7:58am
    That's why I was surprised to discover they are still making it.
    • Re-runs of a lot of shows are still on — News Junkie, Sat Jan 7 9:23am
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