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Some more problems in Canada
Sat Jan 7, 2017 10:36am

Province of...

British Columbia:

Communist Chinese are buying BC real estate and pricing Canadians out of the market. Over 51% of people who live in Burnaby are immigrants, and over a third are chinese. Mandarin from communist mainland China is replacing English as the official language, and the Chinese flag has been raised at Vancouver City Hall.


Unemployment in Calgary over 10%, for Alberta 8.7%, and for Canada 6.9%. For recent college graduates it's 15%. Meanwhile the government keeps telling the media that they need to increase immigration because businesses can't find enough workers, or they are the only way to grow the economy, or some such.


Hundreds of muslims primarily from Somalia, but also from Ghana, are sneaking across the unguarded border from USA into Manitoba and claiming refugee status in Canada. Meanwhile, Winnipeg is the violent crime capital of Canada.


The provincial Liberals spent the last couple decades encouraging a green energy feed-in tariff program, where they give private land owners a 20-year contract to install solar panels and then pay them around $0.65 per kW-hr for the electricity they produce, which is many times the market rate. Now, their popularity is at an all-time low due to skyrocketing electricity rates. Big surprise.


Lower Canada was originally settled by France, but then the colony was taken over by the British. For decades they've wanted to separate from Canada because their culture is so distinct from the rest of Canada. For some reason, it's never happened. In Quebec, they don't even allow businesses to have signs in english. Quebec is the only part of Canada that has made any efforts to prevent muslims from taking over. They failed, despite Islam being as un-Canadian as Communism.


Chronic unemployment.


It's so cold that a fresh salad costs $50 or something like that because it has to be transported by air from the south of Canada. But it's warming up enough that the permafrost is melting and this is getting the polar bear rights activists in a tizzy. But they still want to drill for oil because... jobs.

Canada in General:

In Canada if you buy property you then have to pay tax. But that doesn't mean you can do anything with it: you can't build a house without paying a $50 stumpage fee for each tree you cut down, or a basement or septic field without first acquiring the subsurface mineral rights. And the Ministry of Natural Resources might not have any interest in selling that to you. They might even put a 200-yard setback against any waterfront you own so you can't do anything near the water, not even put in a dock. That is, unless you get eastern religion first.

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