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The 'death force' by its very nature is suicidal
Sat Jan 7, 2017 10:48am

Where is the logic over the years whereby 2,000 nuclear device were detonated into the atmosphere? And, very much under-acknowledged is the psychopathic detonation of a nuclear device above the earth?? Would you believe the nukes are designed to vaporize you and me? Where is the logic to go up to the Russian border and place missles, troops, and according to a news item this a.m. the madmen and women of the deep state have sent 3,400 tanks towards Russia from storage depots in Europe? Would you believe there is a deliberate effort to start a war with Russia? I do. And if GOG decides to react first, a preemptive strike will completely erase Mystery Babylon. There is no logic discernible to you and me. One can just assume the psychopaths' logic is known only unto them. Of course it's no secret that their logic is greatly driven by profit, too. We should all pray these sons of bitches do not miscalculate, or go utterly psychotic. Don't seek logic. It's long gone from the historical record.

  • To what end?Ennui, Fri Jan 6 9:31pm
    If someone is deliberately poisoning the atmosphere they are poisoning the very same atmosphere that they and their children (if they have any) breath in and depend upon for life and health as well.... more
    • The 'death force' by its very nature is suicidal — Contrarian , Sat Jan 7 10:48am
      • determined by idiots, you have made your case. But there is no "conspiracy" here, just gross stupidity. DFM
      • The examples you siteEnnui, Sat Jan 7 10:56am
        (weapons) are about power. Destroy the atmosphere? Destroy the natural weather patterns? That will not gain one power. It will bring about death. What possible benefit could there be to those in... more
        • And they all breathe radiationContrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:03am
          Why build a doomsday nuke machine? I think the ruling but adds are not about to give up their carbon profit centers. One layer of the proverbial onion is these goofs think by spraying certain... more
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