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Why don't we just not believe any images?
Sat Jan 7, 2017 11:29am

Let us say all images in our virtual world are fake? What's that you say. ...extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof? That "silly" website is hardly what you say. It's a major information center for the claim and the proof. The site owner, Dane Wigington, is a hero! And we should all count our good fortune that he has exposed this and works tirelessly to bring this destruction of our atmosphere to the public attention.

  • directly rather than "force" us to have to go to that silly website... The photos don't prove a damned thing because there is no way of knowing if they are photo-shopped, fake, examples of poor color ... more
    • Why don't we just not believe any images? — Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:29am
      • Maybe you should check this out??Sia☺giah, Sat Jan 7 4:51pm
        • Mega Bunk is just that..... BUNKContrarian , Sat Jan 7 9:43pm
          I have been into that site a number of times. It's another disinfo website. I bet you spend more time looking for the debunkers first and then ignore the claim site. I do the opposite, looking at the ... more
    • That is pretty much itEnnui, Fri Jan 6 9:50pm
      "but it doesn't make an ounce of sense that ANY government would deliberately destroy the very earth they & their families have to live on" Earth is our only home. Destroy it and *no one* has... more
      • No stress at all.Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:36am
        I was told my blood pressure is that of a teenager. This is because my IQ is less than 50. And of low peasant stock. LOLs. Surely you have some sense of just how bad off is the planet's biosphere?... more
      • Absolutely... Sia☺giah, Fri Jan 6 10:51pm
        He mentioned occasionally wanting to slit his wrists... (drama, certainly, but it came from at least a nugget of truth)
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