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Hope springs eternal
Sat Jan 7, 2017 11:53am

Please hold that thought. You just might morph towards the reality that "logic" is not necessarily the foundation of reason.

  • Good post!!Ennui, Sat Jan 7 8:35am
    "For most everything else, reality demands that one allow for the possibility of a need to revise one's beliefs on the basis of new information." I, for one, have already changed my position. In my... more
    • Thank you!Poppet, Sat Jan 7 4:01pm
      This sort of thing is what I do , basically. Okay, these days it's mostly philosophy of science, not straight-up logic or technical philosophy (or the subject area of my dissertation, which is... more
      • I tend toEnnui, Sat Jan 7 8:21pm
        guard my privacy too, so I understand. But if you ever find a way to link to your monograph, I would be very interested in reading it.
    • Hope springs eternal — Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:53am
      • Sometimes IEnnui, Sat Jan 7 8:25pm
        look up at the mystery of the night sky, and wonder. It can be quite captivating. But logic is a valuable tool. :)
        • The nigh skyContrarian , Sun Jan 8 11:48am
          A few years ago I could actually observe a pristine night sky. Not anymore. But I won't belabor the truth in this reply.
      • Hope IS ETERNAL. (nm)jb, Sat Jan 7 2:23pm
        • Life is eternalContrarian, Sat Jan 7 5:01pm
          Hope is a human emotion. The spirit that creates life is eternal.
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