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Well, that's downright insulting.. As well as totally untrue (nm
Sat Jan 7, 2017 4:53pm

  • Hyperbole:-)Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 11:41am
    The two of you are exemplary examples for why this nation is tied up in knots. Your brains have been trained to corner your common sense into extinction. You are unable to think for yourselves. Got... more
    • R.I.P. Civility (nm)Ennui, Sat Jan 7 8:12pm
      • All too common with conspiracy lunatics...Poppet, Sun Jan 8 4:38am the tendency to lash out with insults and accusations when someone contradicts their assertions. I can't believe he hasn't trotted out "sheeple" yet...
        • "Lash" LOLsContrarian, Sun Jan 8 12:40pm
          Ennui was kind enough to post the link to the two comparison images. Seems to me, unless he or Shiah Nara believe all NASA pics are frauds, they should PROVE their extraordinary claim that two NASA... more
      • RIP common sense (nm)Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 9:44pm
    • Well, that's downright insulting.. As well as totally untrue (nm — Sia☺giah, Sat Jan 7 4:53pm
      • Had you simply taken the images at face valueContrarian, Sun Jan 8 9:28am
        and made a decent argument I would not have displayed exasperation. But to dismiss NASA images and by doing so to impugn the integrity of someone I consider a genuine hero....well, it says to me you... more
        • Your hero is a liar... and here's the proofSia☺giah, Sun Jan 8 2:01pm
          Because you did NOT share the photos YOU were talking about, we were all charged with GUESSING which photos you were talking about... I'm not even REMOTELY interested in reading that ridiculous site... more
        • turning respectful disagreement into a deliberately disagreeable exchange... and frankly, I don't give a damn what you think about that or believe about the situation & my thoughts on it... I was... more
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