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Mega Bunk is just that..... BUNK
Sat Jan 7, 2017 9:43pm

I have been into that site a number of times. It's another disinfo website. I bet you spend more time looking for the debunkers first and then ignore the claim site. I do the opposite, looking at the claim and weighing it out in my mind. Then, I go and seek a naysayer. Usually the debunker tries to destroy credibility by attacking an imperfection, like finding a grass blade growning in an entire parking lot and making a big deal. I stand on my research, my observations, and the government's very own documents about their in place Geoengineering operation.

  • Maybe you should check this out??Sia☺giah, Sat Jan 7 4:51pm
    • Mega Bunk is just that..... BUNK — Contrarian , Sat Jan 7 9:43pm
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