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I disagree. While, in philosophy, you may be sort of
Sun Jan 8, 2017 8:31am

correct, in scientific reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

My simple example is the shape of the Earth. The Earth is known, without any possible doubt (that any sane & educated person could accept) to be spherical to an accuracy of one percent. Doubt than an insane person may harbor does not count. After all, an insane person can believe with complete sincerity that 2 + 2 = 5.

It is not remotely possible that the Earth's shape is anything other than spherical to within 1% accuracy.

To demonstrate the correctness of the statements above, I defy any person to come up with any imaginable evidence that shows that the Earth is not spherical to the claimed tolerance. I do not mean actual evidence but imaginable evidence that is not contradicted by trillions of accurate observations. It cannot be done. That "God or the Devil could have done it [produced the known observations] or it [the corpus of observations] may be a coincidence" is not something a sane & educated person could believe.

I conclude that the shape of the Earth is known (to within the stated accuracy) just as certainly as the fact that 2 + 2 = 4 in standard arithmetic.

Try to find any alternative shape of the Earth consistent of the trillions of measurements of Geodetic Science. Nobody can.

Also, it is absurd to claim that all of these measurements, or at least most of them are incorrect. If these measurements were significantly in error, aircraft and ships could not possibly navigate accurately to their intended destinations, which is done at least a million times a day. Every successful aircraft landing provides another piece of redundant confirmatory evidence.

Biological Evolution is also known beyond doubt of any sane and educated person. The most convincing line of reasoning is the consilience of fossil, bio-geographical, embryological, anatomical, and bio-chemical trees of descent. These five independent methodologies produce compatible evolutionary trees (again to within a reasonable tolerance). "God or the Devil or coincidence" cannot explain this consilience. No educated and sane person can doubt the truth of Biological Evolution at this time, based upon the evidence so far collected. If you doubt the truth of Biological Evolution, then you must either be uneducated or insane.


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