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MAJOR storm here in Northern California
Sun Jan 8, 2017 8:55am

It's a white knuckle flight. 15 inches of frozen snow washed away overnight. The low area are going to be flooded. Howling winds, rain drop as big as hen eggs, torrential downpours. The weather terrors have pented up the natural weather. We are witnessing their loss of control. Of course, it may well be their microwave high energy machines are turned up full bore to exascerbate and create havoc.... as in their own statements on paper that weather can be used as a force enhancer.

    • More comingContrarian, Mon Jan 9 8:58am
      I was over at 1PacificRedwood. Great utube website! Highly recommend seeing what real meteorology is. The nation 'a forecasters are frauds.
    • This presents a dilemma for youNews Junkie, Sun Jan 8 9:56am
      Given the intense microwave radiation, you won't be able to wear your tin foil helmet to block their mind control beams. Metal and microwaves don't mix: You might get electrocuted!
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