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Giving the geoengineered have gone postal
Sun Jan 8, 2017 1:02pm

In Northern California today, I can only say what is the reality about the weather that they have kidnapped........there is NO natural weather, period. As to the psychopaths' controlling the weather, they can do magic tricks but in the final analysis the end result is a fvcked up biosphere. And that screwup includes the holes they are punching into the ionosphere. These God-egos believe our earth is their science lab. They take authority where they have none. I am sorry you if all people with your less than brilliant IQ would side with the fools who unchain perdition, imperiling my life, your life, your family, and all life on earth.

  • I thought it most appropriate ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sun Jan 8 12:18pm
    ... given your paranoia and penchant for conspiracy theory.
    • Giving the geoengineered have gone postal — Contrarian, Sun Jan 8 1:02pm
      • FAKED... ALL OF IT...Sia☺giah, Sun Jan 8 2:23pm
        REAL UNEDITED PIX FROM 1972 from Apollo 17 HOWEVER, THIS is what the geoengineering site posted as from Apollo 17 in 1972 NOTICE IT HAS BEEN PHOTOSHOP ENHANCED? ***************NOTICE IT IS PRECISELY... more
        • Yeah, well the two pics are of the earthContrarian, Sun Jan 8 2:37pm
          Is that what you are suggesting? Otherwise, I fail to see how your comparisons prove anything except you fail.
          • Horrible weather. Rain, wind, floodingContrarian, Tue Jan 10 9:58am
            Sick of it. This is a example of why NASA, NOAH, Pentagon, National Weather Service should keep their hands off the atmosphere. Nature will have her way no matter how much they spray and microwave.... more
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