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Who kills blacks?
Sun Jan 8, 2017 4:20pm

In cases when the race of the perpetrator and victim were known, among the 3,021 white victims of murder in 2014,

2,488 of them were killed by white offenders, and
446 were killed by black offenders.
Among the 2,451 black murder victims in 2014, 187 of them were killed by white offenders, and
2,205 were killed by black offenders. Here’s how the percentages work out:

Blacks killed by whites: 7.6 percent.

Whites killed by whites: 82.4 percent.

Whites killed by blacks: 14.8 percent.

Blacks killed by blacks: 90 percent.


  • Black Lives Do Not Matter ...Mondo Fuego™ , Sun Jan 8 12:16pm
    ... any more than anyone else's life. Their movement is getting more black people killed by black people, especially in Chicago.
    • Who kills blacks? — DFM, Sun Jan 8 4:20pm
    • Ha ha ha :-))) Contrarian, Sun Jan 8 2:45pm
      You got that right. Neither Black nor White are safe from the cops.
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