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There is... Dishonesty...
Sun Jan 8, 2017 4:37pm

I strongly suggest you find ANOTHER source for you conspiracy theories because THAT one is "done"...

I'd have an ounce of respect for someone who HONESTLY believed what they were peddling and presented HONEST materials... Clearly, he does neither, else he'd not have used those photos... If someone largely uninterested in the topic (me) can discover the dishonest THAT QUICKLY, then there's a serious issue there... He HAD to know his pix were enhanced, even if HE didn't do it himself... but he used them anyway...

I work with photoshop and nature & product photography all the time so I recognize photoshopped photos faster than the average bear... The intensity/vibrance/contrast was WAAAAAAY too much for the photos taken of earth supposedly in 1972... THAT was my first clue that it wasn't honest...

  • I have made a discreet inquiry.Contrarian, Sun Jan 8 4:11pm
    There has to be a reasonable explanation.
    • There is... Dishonesty... — Sia☺giah, Sun Jan 8 4:37pm
      • We shall see if your assessment holds true (nm)Contrarian, Sun Jan 8 5:58pm
        • I did not upload pix of my own... I didn't upload ANYTHING... I went to the NASA site where the pix 'supposedly came from' and noticed that your guy's pix were SERIOUSLY enhanced... What's there to... more
          • PorridgeContrarian , Sun Jan 8 6:50pm
            Wigington is not ignorant. He is a man of integrity. You just might be jumping the gun do to speak. At least you do concede he might hav been fed this seemingly bogus image. That is a start.
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