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I've researched it in the past... WHY do you think I dismiss
Sun Jan 8, 2017 6:54pm

your claims? Back when it became "a thing", I checked it out and found NO REASON to buy into it... Every claim I saw was thoroughly debunked so I didn't believe them... Plus, the ENTIRE PREMISE is so absurd on its face that it doesn't make ANY sense... So, I've dismissed it outright as ridiculous conspiracy nonsense...

and NO, I won't back off on the accusation because it is abundantly clear that the photographs are FAKED... Even you recognize that... If he doesn't know enough about the topic to have immediately RECOGNIZED that they were faked up front, then he simply doesn't know enough about the topic to even listen to anything he said... I don't care if a volunteer or a trusted aide provided the photos and he "bit"... HIS name is on the site and HE put it out there, claiming it's true... C'mon, it's not like someone gave him some faked data that was close to realistic so he didn't pick up on it... Those are easily found photos that ANYONE with such concerns would be VERY familiar with... So, NO, I'm not buying that someone scammed him...

If he claims that's what happened, I certainly HOPE that you're smart enough to recognize that his claim means not only that he wasn't 'deliberately dishonest' but that he's CLUELESS and is talking out of his butt...

  • Would you please back off of the 100% accusationContrarian, Sun Jan 8 6:10pm
    You do not know if he personally did the photo shopping. He has volunteers galore. Someone he trusts could have provided this to him and he bit. We are not infallible, none of us. I think it is... more
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