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Gee, you didn't like it when it was gently suggested that it
Sun Jan 8, 2017 7:10pm

is all bupkis... You complained that we're too dumb to think for ourselves or to question anything we're told... YOU had the audacity to claim that the pix were 'obviously unsullied' and then ridiculed me questioning their authenticity... You deliberately insulted us when we were trying to be pleasant about it...

and NOW you're complaining that I'm not longer beating around the bush with more pleasant & friendly suggestions that maybe it's not as you believe it is-- in the hopes that you might look a little harder at it and consider the idea that the entire premise is absurd on its face, never mind the supposed 'proof' being falsified and the rest of it debunked MULTIPLE TIMES by nearly every REAL scientist on the planet???

Is there NO pleasing you?


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