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No, hardly the only claim.
Mon Jan 9, 2017 8:40am

I cannot link to it, and it may be not easy to find under search, but.. The following includes the programs ongoing at that time, the impacts, the negatives, and the plans to do even greater weather Geoengineering. All the suspects are named:

Committee On Commerce
Science and Transportation

United States Senate
May 1978

34-857 US Government Printing

The huge hundred miles long aerosol trails that morph and block the sunshine are very much a part of the program planned years ago. I would be more than happy to e-mail anyone with a e-mail address they are willing to give me. The report is 750 pages inclusive of non pertinent extraneous topics. I have a dozen photocopied, easy to read pages germane to this topic that proves my case. Ken, you want me to send them to you. It's an easy read, the goodies highlighted in yellow.

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