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USING the clearly photoshopped image to support a claim
Mon Jan 9, 2017 10:34am

IS a major structural defect... It's not a minor inadequacy... DECEPTION is a seriously weak foundation for a structure to be built upon... Truth is, when you discover such OBVIOUS deception, you need to dig deeper to discover the hidden deception that is most surely there...

Face it, BOTTOM LINE, your hero is a duplicitous LIAR...

  • inadequacy. It's a small piece of a very large building, do to speak. The structure's integrity is sound. It has not crumbled. I appreciate your time and effort to discover what seems to be an error... more
    • You are willfully blind and in denial... Sia☺giah, Mon Jan 9 11:10am
      So, attempting to use a common defense mechanism of striking out to somehow make everyone else be guilty of what you so clearly are guilty of with this issue... Transference doesn't change a thing...
    • USING the clearly photoshopped image to support a claim — Sia☺giah, Mon Jan 9 10:34am
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