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Certainly there are a number of conspiracy type charges..
Mon Jan 9, 2017 10:48am

Conspiracy to commit fraud... that kind of thing...

Yes, it was a deliberate conspiracy by the manufacturer. But not EVERYONE at the manufacturer is equally responsible. Not everyone was even AWARE that the unethical and/or illegal actions occurred.

So, again, each individual, whether above, below, or beside the individuals ACTUALLY involved MAY or MAY NOT have had knowledge and/or culpability for the unethical and/or illegal actions.

If an employee of yours came to you and said, "Boss, one of the software engineers fixed the glitch in product A with a software patch. His supervisor says it takes care of the problem completely." Would YOU, as the CEO be obligated to go down and review the software patch PERSONALLY to determine exactly HOW the patch resolved the problem? Especially considering you are NOT a software engineer and can't read the software even if you wanted to.

I would say the coldly RATIONAL answer is to hold the highest level who was ACTUALY involved responsible. Not just the highest level that exists.

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