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Sorry, But It Is The Truth. You Are An Anti-Muslim Extremist
Mon Jan 9, 2017 11:59am (XFF:

The difference is that none of us who have tried to reason with you would have defended Hitler as a harmless blowhard. We would have been saying, "DFM, you cannot say that all Germans are evil. Yes, Hitler is evil. Yes, the Nazis are doing horrible things, and let's stop them, but you cannot judge an entire nation at a time."

Likewise, we have been trying to tell you that terrorists who claim to be acting for their Islamic faith ARE terrorists. And horrible. And we should take action against them. But you can't judge all Muslims by the actions of a fraction of them.

You rarely bother to acknowledge that there are many Muslims who are good people. Many more than the number of Muslims who are terrorists.

You aren't backed up by the truth, DFM. You just have your blind bigotry.


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