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Really pretty small if you think about it...
Mon Jan 9, 2017 12:32pm

Just a tiny little piece of code... The engine produces 200 horsepower and a certain amount of emissions under normal conditions. Plug a diagnostic tool into it and it de-tunes and produces less horsepower and less emissions...

I remember in the early emissions controls days, guys would take their carbureted vehicles to a mechanic to tune it for the emissions test day. And re-tune it afterwards for the performance they wanted. The muscle car guys have been doing it for decades.

IMO it didn't get caught for quite a while. And one has to wonder how many other manufacturers have done it...

Customers want a vehicle that runs clean, is powerful AND gets good gas mileage. Some aspects of these ARE contradictory. It takes more fuel to make more power. Burning more fuel produces more exhaust.

  • It was such a big deception, and they sell so many of those cars, they should have realized they would get caught and it would make them look bad. I wonder if the company has any other hidden... more
    • Really pretty small if you think about it... — Sprout, Mon Jan 9 12:32pm
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