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You Have No Idea What You Are Writing About.
Mon Jan 9, 2017 6:30pm

!. The patients tell the doctor what they did while he was clinically dead so if there were errors he would know about it. 2. We have verified cases of blind seeing including one who had no blood in her brain. THAT IS SUPERNATURAL, TOO. There are too many to go into. I'm talking about DBV, too, FDE, SDE, TERMINAL LUCIDITY, SAVANT SKILLS. ALL appear supernatural and you come up with lies, errors, memory tricks.. You can't DEAL WITH THE ISSUES I AM BRINGING UP and you won't do ANY RESEARCH BECAUSE you are too busy with hating Muslims. FOCUS ON THIS FOR A CHANGE. Watch the video, google verified nde and read them and DISCUSS THEM WITH ME. Google Deathbed visions and read some of them, then google Terminal Liability and read some of them. Then google savants and read a few of them.

Forget Muslims for a month.

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