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Yes, we are now, thanks to
Mon Jan 9, 2017 8:11pm

9-11 and the Mossad.

  • We are AT WAR with Radical Islam.DFM, Mon Jan 9 5:51pm
    The problem is to fail to recognize this, plus the denial that MOST MUSLIMS support Radical Islam. Again, I give this evidence.... more
    • Yes, and thanks to PBACContrarian , Mon Jan 9 8:19pm
      And 9-11, and the Babylonian attack on 9 nations in that region, the victims have fled by the hundreds of thousands into Europe and Babylon. And these victims have just cause to hate us and want us... more
      • Israel had ZERO to do with the 09/11/2001 attacks on the USA. ISIS has even admitted it on several videos. I realize that this is an idée fixe of yours, but it really required medication to correct.... more
        • Did you watch the Charlie Rose show whereby twoContrarian , Mon Jan 9 9:12pm
          Jewish authors stated they were told by Israeli sources ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service? They were quite serious. And it is well known by anyone looking into who funds ISIS that... more
      • PNAC (nm)Contrary , Mon Jan 9 8:19pm
    • Yes, we are now, thanks to — Contraruan, Mon Jan 9 8:11pm
    • to hate us and fight us. Buddha, "Hatred is never appeased by hatred in this world, hatred is appeased by non hatred."
      • Like I said,Contrarian , Mon Jan 9 8:13pm
        Israel had the terrorist problem. They, through their moles and agents, transferred their problem onto the world. And they actually run most of it.
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