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Did you watch the Charlie Rose show whereby two
Mon Jan 9, 2017 9:12pm

Jewish authors stated they were told by Israeli sources ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service? They were quite serious. And it is well known by anyone looking into who funds ISIS that Babylon and Israel do. Let's use some common sense. Who wants to topple Assad? ISIS. Who wants to create chaos and remap the ME? PNAC/Israel. Odd how much ISIS and Israel and Babylon have in common, wanting to topple Assad. Thanks to Zionist influence in Babylon, Babylon is now facing the geo-political fallout from the blunder of allowing Israeli agents and moles to gain positions of zealot-influence within the Babylonian body politic to move the great Babylonian ship of stupidly into doing Isrseli bidding. We have been badly burned! Now these same discredited buffoons seek to make war on Russia. They literally play with our very lives. Regarding ISiS videos, maybe Sia giah can check those out. I am positive she will discover they were created at Osama bin Laden's Dubai photo shop.

  • Israel had ZERO to do with the 09/11/2001 attacks on the USA. ISIS has even admitted it on several videos. I realize that this is an idée fixe of yours, but it really required medication to correct.... more
    • Did you watch the Charlie Rose show whereby two — Contrarian , Mon Jan 9 9:12pm
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