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Moreover, few are particularly expert in the area of...
Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:15am

...philosophy of science. They are most certainly not experts in what does and does not constitute conclusive evidence. Bauer commits, continually, an argumentum ad vericundiam fallacy in his invocation of doctors, amusingly and ironically citing a class of persons that is not actually expert in the subject area he needs to bolster his point. He rejects, sans a shred of substantive refutation, explanations by someone who is an expert in this area...because her statements invalidate his point. In a sane person, I'd call that vile and dishonorable. In bauer, well...a matter for sympathy, an emotion I don't really feel for the most part.

Time for another "long night" where The Blight is concerned. That is to say, a few years of behaving as if he doesn't exist. Care to join me?

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