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Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:43am (XFF:

I am not particularly pro Islam or anti Islam. Islam is too general a concept, and the spectrum of believers is too diverse for such a position to make sense to me.

But I am pro human decency. That is what seems to be the common thread, here.

I believe in equality before the law. I believe that humans are basically and generally good.

I do not get your reference to Bozo, but I understand the reasoning presented by the FBI concerning why they would not seek to prosecute Clinton, and while I think that her decision to use a private email server was incredibly poor judgment, I'm not going to scream until she is prosecuted for it.

I am not pro abortion. I don't know anyone who is. I am against criminalizing abortion. I support keeping it legal for the woman and her doctor to decide what is best. I've explained why this position is not a moral problem for me. Even if you disagree, I am not sure how you could present any kind of argument that I would find compelling. Misrepresenting my position is not an effective way to start.

I am not pro immorality, but I am wary of allowing someone else to dictate what is moral and what is immoral in any kind of a legally binding sense. People sometimes have morals that are based on religious beliefs I do not share.

Unlike yourself, I do not claim to know what Muslims are "up to." I realize that there is no vast conspiracy for Muslims to rise up on the "right signal" to overthrow western democracy. Or whatever paranoid delusions you have.

I do have my experience to rely on, including my education, including my interaction with people of many faiths, including all that I have read and seen... it is silly to pretend that anyone has more than that when they view the world and try to make sense of it.


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