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Filtered images
Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:54am

I have seen many satellite images whereby the gargantuan morphed aerosol trails are removed, giving the appearance that they do not exist. This is a favorite dissemination technique for the fake weather disseminators. indeed, my suspicion is the NASA image is THEIR photo, photoshopped by them. Even so or not so, these various agencies
supply photoshopped pics all the time. I also know at 1PacificRedwood, a Los Angeles based meteorological utube site, that when the microwave maniacs zap a storm cell, superheating the core, the images are photoshopped over the revealing crater formations and the resulting shock wave. He describes the entire coverup as it occurs. Please realize you see animated weather forecasts and it's a fraud way more than one image mistake at Geoengineeringwatch.

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