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It is the business of the JURY to make that determination.
Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:52am

It is up to the JURY's Common Sense to see that such an important decision CANNOT HAVE BEEN MADE without the knowledge and consent of the upper echelon. That is why I invoke res ipsa loquitur. (Yes, I know that it is a civil and not a criminal principle, yet the JURY's Common Sense will cause it to act as if res ipsa loquitur were a principle of criminal law as well.)

Even allowing for that impossibility, the big bosses committed fraud against the stockholders by acceptance of their salaries when they were NOT doing their jobs of running the company in according to LAW.

There must be no evasion of criminal responsibility It matters NOT in practice which was actually the case. In EITHER case, the big bosses deserve prison.


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