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Here are a few things that our paranoid minds dreamed up.
Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:04am

When Muslims are killing people by the MILLIONS around the World, Islmaophobia is not paranoia, but only common sense.

Please note that the numbers below are compiled from the media and exclude the vast number of terrorist events that escape media notice. Most experts multiply the numbers by ten, because the media disclose only the tip of the iceberg.

You can maintain the absurd idea that the problem is not Islam, but that is a symptom of irrationality that you should look into. You remind me of the fools who claimed that Hitler was not serious and the Nazi threat was exaggerated. How did that idea work out?

I know what they are up to by reading the News, not by occult practices such as mind reading.


  • ParanoiaAmadeus, Tue Jan 10 7:43am
    I am not particularly pro Islam or anti Islam. Islam is too general a concept, and the spectrum of believers is too diverse for such a position to make sense to me. But I am pro human decency. That... more
    • Here are a few things that our paranoid minds dreamed up. — DFM, Tue Jan 10 10:04am
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