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Gravity is kind of important...
Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:24am

On most days, it generally pulls in one direction... Thus if something is falling, it USUALLY falls in the direction of gravity.

Do you have any reason to conclude that was different on that particular day?

  • Clueless in New EnglandContrarian, Tue Jan 10 6:44am
    Who is "they?" No spouting here. The overwhelming evidence has been well researched. Just like the "contrail" con job, that you deny is atmospheric reality, your mind cannot dare grasp the mountain... more
    • that doesn't mean that I go off the rails into uncharted idiocy in believing anything and everything someone spouts off about... It is entirely possible that the things that don't add up are fudged... more
      • A garbage canContrarian, Tue Jan 10 5:23pm
        "National Security is invoked most often to cover up the dirty facts. You sure do cut these crooks a lot of slack. I do not go off the rails as you suggest. Many very bright people get it. 911, is a... more
    • Gravity is kind of important... — Sprout, Tue Jan 10 10:24am
      • as perfectly as a "pulled building would"... It is entirely possible that there was a plot by our enemies to do exactly that and the intense fires simply made it possible... Few actually believe that ... more
        • Hey! There is hope!!Contrarian, Tue Jan 10 5:33pm
          You got that right! Good for you. I take back my "brainwash" remark. Look up Gelatin Art Group. And the B-Thing. Odd, foreign nationals are given access to the Twins. See all thie boxes with the... more
        • Not really...Sprout, Tue Jan 10 2:40pm
          I think folks don't realize how many thousands of TONS of mass involved... I deal with ships that weigh 50 and 60 thousand tons when loaded... Momentum on that scale is a truly awesome force. I saw a ... more
          • it falls fairly straight down like a controlled demolition... No, a natural collapse falls in when its weakest point gives way and gravity forces down on that spot, typically taking it out sideways... more
          • You are deludedContrarian , Tue Jan 10 5:49pm
            Very little debris fell on Buioding 7. I have looked at it on videos from different angles. The building is pristine! Nothing leaned against it. And Lying Lucky Larry Silverstein said he ordered it... more
      • CuteContrarian, Tue Jan 10 11:19am
        There is no doubt Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth would beg you to go over to their website and debate the issue. The organization has thousands of members, credentialed. Many honest... more
        • Probably...Sprout, Tue Jan 10 2:44pm
          No doubt that website has the same type of credentialed specialists who are happy to debate on the "moon landing hoax" websites... and the "ruins of factories on Mars" websites... and the chemtrails... more
        • Make that 'physically possible.' (nm)Contrarian , Tue Jan 10 11:21am
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