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Bob the builder
Why is that?
Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:44am


nobody else is interested!!

  • especially FDE/SDE/DBV/ADC/TL/SAVANTS. WHY is that? Why are those issues avoided so COMPLETELY? Those are NOT SAME OLD SAME OLD. WHY? Why all the bellyaching when the substance are so carefully... more
    • Why is that? — Bob the builder, Tue Jan 10 10:44am
      • interest. In fact, you have commented, just not of substance which you avoid. EVERYONE AVOIDS THE SUBSTANCE EXCEPT ME.
      • We have MANY DISCUSSIONS,jb, Tue Jan 10 11:17am
        just never getting to the substance especially of FDE/SDE/DBV/ADC/TERMINAL LUCIDITY/SAVANTS. PROBLEM IS NOTHING CAN BE SAID TO EXPLAIN THEM. They are OBVIOUSLY SUPERNATURAL and nobody wants to admit... more
      • In my case...Poppet, Tue Jan 10 11:14am
        ...those details are of minimal interest because regardless of the specifics, no such evidence can prove what it's claimed it proves. That is, as a category , these incidents cannot demonstrate... more
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