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You can't have physical evidence of Supernatural BUT I READ
Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:34am

THOUSANDS OF NDE/DBV and they prove NDE/DBV beyond reasonable doubt, WAY BEYOND. WIKIPEDIA claims DBV are hallucinations which has been refuted but they ignore that because they don't want to admit the Supernatural. Problem is you don't know about them. I just talked to a new nurse who said NDE ARE NOT NATURAL, IT IS UNANIMOUS. IT IS CONCLUSIVE TO THOSE WHO STUDY THE ISSUES BUT YOU ARE ALL AFRAID TO STUDY THE ISSUES.

I HAVE explained the proofs many times and nobody has attempted to refute the explanations. One proof is knowledge gained that could not have been gained by natural means like knowing somebody is dead. This is true of NDE/DBV/ADC. These are well documented in each case. Heaven is a fascinating place so I can't understand why people claim they are not interested in Heaven. Hell is TEMPORARY CONTRARY to popular belief but it IS HELL.

I DON'T UNDERSTAND all of what you write but I read books and talked to people who have second hand experience. You need to get off your high horse and LEARN WHAT YOU THINK CAN'T BE LEARNED if that is what you mean. IT DOES PROVE WHAT IT CLAIMS IT PROVES. You need to read some books and find out how wrong you are.

  • In my case...Poppet, Tue Jan 10 11:14am
    ...those details are of minimal interest because regardless of the specifics, no such evidence can prove what it's claimed it proves. That is, as a category , these incidents cannot demonstrate... more
    • You can't have physical evidence of Supernatural BUT I READ — jb, Tue Jan 10 11:34am
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