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More problems in Canada with each passing day
Tue Jan 10, 2017 12:58pm

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, just appointed a muslim immigrant from Somalia as the country's immigration minister, and then sent the former immigration minister to Beijing to help negotiate a free trade deal with China! And he plans to legalize marijuana!

As if islam isn't a problem everywhere it exists.
As if virtually every product isn't already made in China.
As if drugs are something we should encourage people to use.

WTF is going on with Canada, Europe, and democratic governments in general? One thing is certain, this guy isn't representing Canadians (pretty sure!). It absolutely reeks of corruption. Is he taking a $billion kickback? It begs the question: Who IS he representing? Who IS he taking his cues from?

  • Canada gone stupid. A damned shame. (nm)Contrarian, Sat Jan 7 12:02pm
    • More problems in Canada with each passing day — News Junkie, Tue Jan 10 12:58pm
      • LiberalsNews Junkie, Tue Jan 10 1:21pm
        gonna facilitate every organized crime ring on the planet. - muslim extremists - asian gangs - drug cartels Maybe they're all paying him. I read something in the news recently about "Cash-for-Access" ... more
        • on the island he owns in Nassau, The Bahamas. Trudeau is being questioned by the Federal Ethics Commissioner because this religious leader's organization, the Aga Khan Foundation , receives tens of... more
    • Yep. (nm)News Junkie, Sat Jan 7 12:29pm
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