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Not really...
Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:40pm

I think folks don't realize how many thousands of TONS of mass involved... I deal with ships that weigh 50 and 60 thousand tons when loaded... Momentum on that scale is a truly awesome force. I saw a ship (with a major problem) slowly (maybe 2 knots) and steadily crunch its way about 6 feet into a three foot thick steel reinforced concrete platform. To see steel reinforced concrete SLOWLY crushed into powder is a truly strange thing to witness...

But what happens is that part of what was holding the structure up against gravity fails and the stuff above it STARTS moving down in the direction of gravity...Now, the key is that something above it weighs thousands of TONS. Once it gains any momentum at all in the direction that gravity is pulling it, it will crush just about anything in its way and is NOT going to be diverted from its direction of movement easily. If we watch the videos of the collapses, there are lots of smaller pieces that bounce out left or right and falling outside of the overall building footprint, but the huge heavy mass, once it is moving down, is going to continue in that direction.

While building 7 was not hit by a plane, think about how much damage it took when the adjacent structures collapsed against it. And once that much mass started moving down, gravity would ensure that it GENERALLY continues in that same direction.

  • as perfectly as a "pulled building would"... It is entirely possible that there was a plot by our enemies to do exactly that and the intense fires simply made it possible... Few actually believe that ... more
    • Hey! There is hope!!Contrarian, Tue Jan 10 5:33pm
      You got that right! Good for you. I take back my "brainwash" remark. Look up Gelatin Art Group. And the B-Thing. Odd, foreign nationals are given access to the Twins. See all thie boxes with the... more
    • Not really... — Sprout, Tue Jan 10 2:40pm
      • it falls fairly straight down like a controlled demolition... No, a natural collapse falls in when its weakest point gives way and gravity forces down on that spot, typically taking it out sideways... more
      • You are deludedContrarian , Tue Jan 10 5:49pm
        Very little debris fell on Buioding 7. I have looked at it on videos from different angles. The building is pristine! Nothing leaned against it. And Lying Lucky Larry Silverstein said he ordered it... more
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