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Canadian Prime Minister spent Christmas with a Muslim
Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:27pm

on the island he owns in Nassau, The Bahamas. Trudeau is being questioned by the Federal Ethics Commissioner because this religious leader's organization, the Aga Khan Foundation, receives tens of millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars to be spent abroad. However, given the "non-specific" focus of this charity, and the luxury accommodations (a whole island in the Caribbean), I wonder what fraction of taxpayer dollars goes to the poor, and what fraction pads the wallet of the muslims who run it.

And finally what did Canadian taxpayers get for Christmas in return for their generosity?

(1) A bill for Trudeau's entire family's airfare,
(2) Government policies that favor non-Canadians, and
(3) Screwed.


  • LiberalsNews Junkie, Tue Jan 10 1:21pm
    gonna facilitate every organized crime ring on the planet. - muslim extremists - asian gangs - drug cartels Maybe they're all paying him. I read something in the news recently about "Cash-for-Access" ... more
    • Canadian Prime Minister spent Christmas with a Muslim — News Junkie, Tue Jan 10 4:27pm
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