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What you're missing is that it doesn't collapse EVENLY so
Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:25pm

it falls fairly straight down like a controlled demolition... No, a natural collapse falls in when its weakest point gives way and gravity forces down on that spot, typically taking it out sideways and leaving segments on the other sides still upright...

It fell down uniformly as every side gave way at the very same time... THAT is controlled demolition, NOT mere gravity and steel giving way...

Of COURSE the part that falls will take out what's under it, but it is NOT evenly collapsing on all sides...

  • Not really...Sprout, Tue Jan 10 2:40pm
    I think folks don't realize how many thousands of TONS of mass involved... I deal with ships that weigh 50 and 60 thousand tons when loaded... Momentum on that scale is a truly awesome force. I saw a ... more
    • You are deludedContrarian , Tue Jan 10 5:49pm
      Very little debris fell on Buioding 7. I have looked at it on videos from different angles. The building is pristine! Nothing leaned against it. And Lying Lucky Larry Silverstein said he ordered it... more
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