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Common Core...
Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:18am (XFF:

She isn't directly going to inject Christianity into the public schools. She is going to toss the public schools to waiting mobs who are chomping at the bit to inject their particular forms of Christianity into them.

And Common Core is not a cap. It is not the only thing you are allowed to teach. It is a minimum standard.

How on earth can anyone object to the idea of a minimum standard?

Public schools must take on every student. Not so for independent and religious schools. That is why you see some skewing of average results. It isn't that kids do not do just as well in public schools.


  • she is a genius. She is NOT going to inject Christianity into the Public School System. She is going to inject Sanity. Whatever private and parochial schools are doing is getting results. Whatever... more
    • Common Core... — Amadeus, Tue Feb 21 7:18am
      • Put out a minimum standard ...Mondo Fuego™ , Tue Feb 21 7:55pm
        ... and the overall results will be minimum. The Chancellor of Vanderbilt University once told me (on a plane trip to NYC): Excellence attracts excellence ... mediocrity breeds mediocrity. Your ideas ... more
        • standards and the teachers had to make the materials. FORGET TEXT BOOKS they spend so much money on. Go to Montessori. It is the best method around but teachers don't want it. It's too hard. But it... more
        • teachers are required to produce material for the curriculum. Then they have to produce lesson plans for the curriculum. They are not qualified. Give them books and let them teach.
        • The Action Of InactionAmadeus, Wed Feb 22 7:30am
          Not setting a minimum standard is, in effect, setting a minimum standard of 0. By your own logic, the overall results will then tend toward 0. A minimum standard is not the only component of a... more
          • That's all poppycock ...Mondo Fuego™ , Wed Feb 22 5:57pm
            ... we need to teach reading, creative writing, science, math, music, art and personal finance, and cut out all the other politically-correct bullshit. Cut out all the freak sideshows of anti-gun,... more
      • "Minimum Standard"DFM, Tue Feb 21 10:08am
        You wrote: "How on earth can anyone object to the idea of a minimum standard?" Because the minimum standard is total crap. Common Core actually LOWERED standards by making course work more complex... more
        • Did You Watch Your Own Video?Amadeus, Tue Feb 21 11:33am
          Common Core math teaches kids to not just memorize mechanical processes. It teaches kids to understand the concepts behind the processes. Kids learn several different ways to approach the same types... more
            • I Offer You This...Amadeus, Wed Feb 22 7:12am
              I used to teach math to grades 6-8. I have kids who are learning math via Common Core. I assist them with their homework. Both of my kids love math. They understand it. As I have helped them with... more
              • are BETTER than the standard methods? DFM
                • Without The Accompanying Teaching...Amadeus, Wed Feb 22 11:35am
         can make anything look difficult and complicated. As the video you posted points out, if you are trying to teach math, merely showing someone the example you offer in the first picture as... more
                  • And the standardized test say that you are WRONG!!! The Standard The Common Core Standards were intended to define... more
                    • It Is Too Early...Amadeus, Thu Feb 23 7:15am
                      Look at the timeline from your article. It is simply too early to tell. Even IF you had a single class that had managed to get through from start to finish with Common Core, you'd have exactly that.... more
                      • If anyone else says "it's too early to tell" ...Mondo Fuego™ , Fri Feb 24 10:02am
                        ... you have a hissy fit. But when you are shown to be in error, you say "It is simply too early to tell". You are so damn predictable.
                        • He Was Making His Call Based On One Year...Amadeus, Fri Feb 24 11:49am
                          ...and assuming that the students in the program were in a Common Core program for their entire academic career. It is too early to tell. That determination has nothing to do with being shown to be... more
        • We need Montesori in the schools. (nm)jb, Tue Feb 21 10:14am
      • The politically motivated educators have to get used to the idea that their intent to sanitize education from all of their pet complaints has been rejected by the American public; it's the same... more
        • its ideal implementation. In reality, it is somewhat Christian in that the nation itself is majority Christian. Christian holidays are observed because of the practical reality of having so... more
        • Oh since when?Anonymous, Tue Feb 21 10:11pm
          Shadow, Since when have any but the fundamentalists been demanding Christianity be taught or practiced in school. I went to kindergarten in 1950,and all through grade school through college, never... more
        • correction: but accepted "Trump". (nm)shadow, Tue Feb 21 9:50am
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